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Dark Energy 5g

Dark Energy 5g

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Dark Energy is an oil-proof lash adhesive that cures in less than a second and works virtually in any temperature and humidity.

Dark Energy grants you the best retention, and the super-low fumes keep your customers’ eyes healthy and happy.

The glue dot stays fresh for up to four hours!

NB! Dark Energy is heat-sensitive! Please choose the fastest shipping method to prevent the product from heat damage!


- The glue dot stays fresh for up to four hours. Your work becomes more efficient! No more need to interrupt your lash treatment to change the glue dot.
- Dark Energy works in a vast humidity range from 20 to 90%.
- You can use Dark Energy in a temperature range from 16°C to 39°C (61°F to 102°F).
- Dark Energy cures in less than a second, and its oil-resistant formula offers incredible retention.
- The low fumes keep you and your customers’ eyes healthy and happy.


- Use Dark Energy only on plastic surfaces
- The shelf life is six months
- Use within three months after opening
- Cruelty-free
- Latex free
- Vegan
- Manufactured in the EU by EU regulations

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