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Lash & Brow Lift Fixing Lotion 5x1ml

Lash & Brow Lift Fixing Lotion 5x1ml

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Fixing lotion is the second step of the lash & brow lift treatment that lowers the pH and neutralizes the effect of lifting lotion. As a result, the cuticles will close and "fix" the hair permanently into its new shape.

Ruthie Belle's fixing lotion contains no sodium bromate — a substance several countries have banned from using in cosmetic products. Instead, we're using hydrogen peroxide, making the lotion work like a hair conditioner after shampooing — to close cuticles and leave lashes and brows healthy and strong.

The 1ml sachets are perfect for lash & brow artists who don't do many treatments weekly or for first-time users to test our lifting system. The 10ml lotions are more cost-effective if you do lash & brow lifts daily.

Learn how to lift lashes and read our Ultimate Guide step-by-step tutorial! 

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