Introducing Ruthie's Belles

An unmissable opportunity to save on Ruthie Belle products you won't lash without, learn the latest techniques from world-class professionals, and nurture connections with other up-and-coming lash artists who are looking to take their businesses to the next level (and the one after that, too) 🚀

Dear Lash Artist,

If you landed on this page, it's probably because you're a talented, ambitious lash artist who wants nothing but the best for their clients and has the skills and passion to take things up a level or… four. But running a business is a lot harder than it looks. You spend your days seeing clients, pre-fluffing fans, ordering disposables, ✨posting on social✨ — all while juggling the whole entire life you have outside the salon! So as much as you intend to stay on top of current trends and innovations in the lash industry, by the time you get home, all you want to do is put your feet up and order takeout.

When time and energy are in short supply, having exclusive access to other pros at the top of their game can make all the difference. So on that note, I'd like to invite you to join Ruthie's Belles, my ambassador program of up-and-coming lash talent who are looking to elevate their lash artistry skills and take their lash business to the moon! (Not literally. But you know what we mean. 💫)

Xo, Ruthie Belle

Pro Lash Artist & Founder of Ruthie Belle

Exclusive Discounts

Save a percentage on all your old Ruthie Belle favorites and latest obsessions. Can be used on top of other promotions, too!

Train with the Pros

Free exclusive webinars where Ruthie and head trainer Marianna will teach you how to elevate your extensions, laminations and lifts. 

Affiliate Earnings

It pays to have good taste! Boost your income by sharing your unique Ruthie Belle affiliate code with other lash pros you know.

Lab Insider

Be the first to learn about the latest innovations in lash science — and how these innovations are going to help make you more money!

Beauty with a Heart

You can feel good representing our products knowing that Ruthie Belle will always prioritize the safety of humans, animals and the planet over profits.  

The Inside Scoop

Join our private Instagram group, where we share insider secrets on everything from how to boost your bottom line to how to lash with less pain.

👑 Lash Royalty Wanted 👑

Here at Ruthie Belle, we take pride in having high standards. We spend time and money in the lab developing cutting-edge lash innovations. These innovations are obsessively tested and formulated with only the highest quality, medical-grade ingredients that are safe for humans, animals and the planet. We're looking for the same quality in our ambassadors. We're looking for lash professionals who have the same high standards for themselves, their clients and their business. If you don't have a ton of experience or thousands of followers, know that we prioritize passion and a positive attitude over experience and social influence.  

We expect the following from our Ruthie's Belles:

  • Believe in the Ruthie Belle brand and be willing to share your opinions with other lash pros (especially when they're looking for product recommendations)
  • Actively and consistently like, comment, and share content from the official Ruthie Belle Instagram account
  • When you show off your work on social, make sure to give Ruthie Belle a shoutout if you used any of our products
  • Share your unique discount code to earn an affiliate fee

To apply, we kindly ask you to fill out a few quick questions:

Thank you for applying. We’ll get back to you shortly.