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Aleppo Soap 6%

Aleppo Soap 6%

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Aleppo soap 6% is a deep cleansing, antibacterial soap for the whole body for daily hygiene. Aleppo soap suits all skin types, regardless of age or gender.

So it does not matter whether your skin is bloomingly healthy or you have skin problems: Aleppo soap is made for you!

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Aleppo Soap’s natural, chemical-free composition removes impurities and leaves skin clean. It is composed of olive oil, lye, and laurel berry oil, a combination that helps skin regain softness.

Laurel berry oil is an effective cleanser and anti-itching agent, making Aleppo Soap especially recommended for those with skin conditions. The higher the concentration of laurel berry oil, the more efficient the soap is in cleansing and soothing.

Invented in the Syrian city of Aleppo over 2,000 years ago, Aleppo Soap’s composition has remained the same. The soap is hand-cut and left to dry in the open air for nine months, which allows it to develop anti-fungal and antibacterial properties.


Aleppo soap 6% is for daily hygiene, hair washing, and shaving. Aleppo soap is also suitable for washing and bathing children and babies.

Aleppo soap with 40% laurel oil content is for you if you have skin problems. However, we recommend alternately using Aleppo soaps with 6% and 40% laurel oil content to achieve the best result.

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