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Lash Foam Sensitive 10pc Set

Lash Foam Sensitive 10pc Set

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Lash Foam Sensitive is a gentle pH-balanced purifying foam that removes all makeup, including waterproof mascara. It can be used daily and is compatible with eyelash extensions.


- Removes all makeup, including waterproof mascara
- Suitable for eyes and entire face
- Compatible with eyelash extensions
- Does not dehydrate lashes and skin
- Helps prevent inflammation of the eyelids
- Suitable for professional and home use
- Non-irritating and suitable for sensitive skin


Lash Foam Sensitive is pH balanced, removing all makeup without dehydrating skin and lashes. pH is a measure of how acidic something is. Levels range from 1 to 14, with 7 being neutral. pHs below 7 indicate acidity, while a pH above 7 is basic. Human skin is slightly acidic, with a pH of around 5-5.5. Beauty products should also be slightly acidic to keep the pH of skin and lashes balanced. Lash Foam Sensitive has the right pH level to rebalance your skin and eyelashes pH while cleaning and hydrating them.


Lash foam is suitable for both professional and home use. Apply foam, let it soak for 30 seconds, and remove all eye makeup.

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