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Lash Serum

Lash Serum

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Our Lash Serum is peptide-based and does not contain prostaglandin or its derivates. So it does not irritate and is suitable for sensitive eyes.

Daily use of Lash Serum ensures up to 72% increase in eyelash length and density. The first visual effect appears after 42 days of consecutive use.


- Our lash serum stimulates eyelash growth up to 72% in eyelash length and density
- You can see noticeable results in just 42 days of consecutive use
- You can use Ruthie’s lash serum with eyelash extensions
- The product is peptide-based and contains natural herbal extracts


- Remove contact lenses if applicable
- Apply once daily to clean dry skin
- Apply serum at the root of the eyelashes
- Wait until the product is completely absorbed
- After six weeks of use, or when the desired result is achieved, decrease use to once every 2 to 3 days


Lash serums artificially elongate lash growth cycles and thus make lashes grow longer than they naturally would. 

Read a thorough article on the working mechanism of lash serums.

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