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Ruthie Belle US

Ruthie Belle Pillow Tilted - Light Grey

Ruthie Belle Pillow Tilted - Light Grey

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The shape of the ergonomic pillow has been created specifically to keep the spine of the person lying down (i.e.client) in perfect alignment, maintaining the natural curve of the spine. That means that the client's back does not get tired during the lengthy lashing treatment like it normally would. The contoured shape for the head has been incorporated into the pillow so there is no pressure on the neck.

The pillow has two large augmented sides for you to place your lashing products on them i.e. lash plate, tweezers etc. so you don't have to hunch to see the lashes properly while fanning, picking, and placing them. This will both speed up your work and do wonders for your posture!

The difference between the two pillows is that one has flat side bits and the other one has sides, that slope slightly forward. If you fan your lashes on the glue strip we recommend the tilted version as it makes the lashes more easily visible on the tile so it’s easier to fan them. If you fan the lashes between your fingers you won’t benefit from the sloping so we’d recommend the flat version as this keeps the products more stable on the pillow.

The pillow measures 60 x 34 (wings) x 11cm and the durable high-quality cover is removable so you can easily wash it by hand.

We recommend using disposable tissue paper on the pillow whilst working that you can easily dispose of after each client so that you can keep everything neat and hygienic with minimum effort.  

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